Yehshua said He came only for the Lost Tribes of Israel. Who are they, and where did they go?

They are easily discovered once you know where to look. Those who captured them recorded them by different names, and they wrote them in stone in Nineveh.
The Behistun stone in Iran also records the names that Israel was called after they went into captivity.
Even before the Exodus, there were partial tribes leaving Egypt in fear of the children of Joseph. They feared revenge from Joseph’s children for selling Joseph into slavery. Joseph even mentioned this before he died. But the year Joseph died, many fled to begin other nations in the Mediterranean Sea region.
Each tribe of Israel had a heraldic banner that they went by. Many symbols on those banners can be found today being used by their descendants. Maybe even yours. Yes, you could be a descendant, and your family crest can identify you. Do you know what to look for?
Watch the video today and be amazed at what you are about to learn from historical artifacts and any encyclopedia.